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Why Water Treadmill Therapy for Dogs?

did you know that water treadmills can help dogs recover up to 50% faster after surgery, help with arthritis, obesity, and much more

Houndstooth Pets

This is my baby Kai’s first time in the treadmill!  He had two ankle surgeries recently and I’ve read studies that water treadmill therapy can speed the recovery after surgery by 50%!

What I’ve discovered over and over lately is how much of the same therapy, homeopathic nutrient supplements and  medications that animals and humans share…..  physical therapy, resq organics for skin problems, manuka honey, cranberry for urinary infection, antibiotics, arnica for bruising and swelling, reiki energy healing, massage, acupuncture, laser therapy… these are just a few.  I used to think that there were special/different healing products for animals and people.


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