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What Is the Natural Habitat of a Leopard Gecko?

Leopard gecko is a ground-dwelling, cathemeral lizard. This lizard is found in the Asian highlands and normally in the whole Afghanistan country. People like to pet this awesome lizard because it’s really cool to have a gecko as a pet. But, if you live in any other country or place which is far away from… Read More »

How Much Bedding Does a Chinchilla Need?

Buy the lovely Chinchillas for your kids to play with them Chinchilla is a cute pet animal and it is a preferred choice for children’s. Taking care of Chinchilla is very easy and even kids can do it. A chinchilla relates to the rodent species, but you don’t have to bother about anything for the… Read More »

Why Water Treadmill Therapy for Dogs?

did you know that water treadmills can help dogs recover up to 50% faster after surgery, help with arthritis, obesity, and much more This is my baby Kai’s first time in the treadmill!  He had two ankle surgeries recently and I’ve read studies that water treadmill therapy can speed the recovery after surgery by 50%! What… Read More »

Puppy goes to the Wedding

my mom’s going to the chapel and she’s …. gonna get married… and I’m invited for the special day cause I’m family <3 le dream dog collar design custom handcrafted in chicago with love – designer works with your wedding colors love dog . love art . live now .

Woof! Only special Family Members get their Christmas Gift Early

Beautiful Maui deserves her Christmas present early! Houndstooth Classic, custom handmade dog collar lined with shi shi red satin my favorite part about designing dog collars is seeing these adorable Houndsies wearing their new artsy fashion love dog. love art. live now.

Someone gets an early Christmas Present

  Gorgeous Max, from the Chicago Don’t Bully My Breed Rescue Group enjoying his Christmas present early! Earth and Fire Design, custom handmade dog collar lined with sage green satin save a dog love dog. love art. live now.